5th Libertarian Festival for Social, Class and Internationalist Solidarity
July 7-8-9, 2023 | Athens University Campus | Department of History & Philosophy of Science| Taxilou str.

▪️Friday, July 7
18.00: Book presentation - Miguel Amorós, "Durruti in the Labyrinth" – Nautilus Libertarian Publications
20.00: Against fascism and the system that generates and feeds it
Introduction: Anarchist Political Organization. Participants: Magda Fyssa, Cultural Association "Pavlos Killah P Fyssas", anarchist/anti-authoritarian hub Antipnoia & lawyer Marina Dalianis, concerning the ongoing Golden Dawn trial
22.00: 22.00: Folk - traditional music by Gidiki & Filedem

▪️Saturday, July 8
: The struggle against educational restructuring and the Presidential Decree 85 from a libertarian perspective
Anarchist Students' Initiative of Athens, Anarchist Students' Assembly Quieta Movere, Students of the National Theatre Drama School, Students of the State Theatre of Northern Greece Drama School, Libertarian Initiative of Artists
20.00: Gender violence is institutional! Trafficking of women and children: The role of the state and mafia (the cases of Ilioupoli, Kolonos and the connection with the Greek Police Mafia)
Group against patriarchy – Anarchist Political Organization
Babis Polychroniadis – Journalist
22.00: Hip Hop Live
Sponty, Stolen, Simadi, Penthimos, Vaggos Bek
- “The Gift”, prelude by Libertarian Initiative of Artists

▪️Sunday, July 9
: No consent – No submission against state and capitalist brutality. Organize and Fight for Social Revolution
18.00: The defense of squats as living spaces and structures of the anarchist struggle
Squats: Libertatia (Thessaloniki), Mundo Nuevo (Thessaloniki), Lelas Karagianni 37 (Athens)
20.00: Presentation by comrades from Oaxaca - Asamblea de los Pueblos Indígenas del Istmo en Defensa de la Tierra y el Territorio – APIIDTT: Resistances against capitalist looting of the nature, indigenous & social struggles in Mexico, and the global campaign “The South Resists” (EL SUR RESISTE)
22.00: Theatre | Tsiritsantsoules present: “Carnival (the Dance of the Damned)” by Marinos Mouzakis

* Bookfair and Exhibition of photography, posters and drawings

Anarchist Political Organization | Federation of Collectives